Saturday, May 14, 2011

MicahMoney x "SPRING: The Bloom!" [Album]

Here's the highly anticipated album "Spring: The Bloom!" From Micah Money. This is his sophomore album, with production done mainly by Dante Lewis & BobbitoBuddaMaker. This album is the last installment of $outhsideSeasons, this album is a sure download! DOWNLOAD & ENJOY!

Shaolin Park x 37th & Zen Concert [Video]

Here's the video from the Shaolin Park concert at 37th & Zen. This video for this concert was done by Terrell Jeffries X Marque Robinson! Be on the lookout for Shaolin Parks EP "Ted Daughtrey!" Which is coming soon! If you want more info on Shaolin Park visit there website HERE! ! If you want more info on Terrell Jeffries x Marque Robinson visit there website HERE!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Moe Kamara x Dr.Hypnosis [Video]

Here's the music video for Moe Kamara's single Dr. Hypnosis. This is off his upcoming album "Live From Kamara Land!" Which is coming soon! If you want to download more music from Moe Kamara, you can download it HERE! Download and Support!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kiss or Diss: Shawn Sky x "Hands Up" (Lost Loves)

Here's a release from Shawn Sky titled "Hands Up" (Lost Loves)! This track is from his latest project “A Story Told At Gate 7.” No matter where you are in your relationship, I think Shawn has something to say that you can relate to.

What do you think? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Shawn Sky x Hands Up (Lost Loves) via


Here's a new release from DMV native Sheed Luciano, titled "Porno!" This track is the first single off his mixtape "The Town," which is set to drop May 16th. Be on the look for Sheed in the future, this song is a sure download. Download and Support!

Download: Sheed Luciano x Porno

Charles Hamilton x EveryBody [Unreleased]

This is an unreleased track from Charles Hamilton, titled "Everybody!" Charles has been out of the medias spotlight as of late and has had some issues in recent history. But, be on the lookout for more Charles Hamilton news coming soon. Download and Support!

Charles Hamilton - Everybody by SupremeBAPE

Download: Charles Hamilton x Everybody

Celeb Forever Feat. Curren$y x Alive

Here's a new release from Celeb Forever, titled "Alive!" This track features Curren$y. The beat for this track was produced by Tim Green. This song is  off Celeb Forever’s upcoming project with DJ Drama, Lights.

Celeb Forever - Alive (feat. Curren$Y) by SupremeBAPE

Download: Celeb Forever Feat. Curren$y x Alive [Prod. by Tim Green]

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shawn Sky x Move On

Here's a new release from Shawn Sky, titled "Move On!" This song is off his upcoming EP "Souvenirs & Air Miles." This song is a sure download! Download and Support!

Move On (Mp3) by SupremeBAPE

Downlaod: Shawn Sky x Move On

Tabi Bonney x Wildfire [DJ Smiles Davis Edit]

Here's a new release from Tabi Bonney, titled "Wildfire," This track is the unofficial remix of the track done by South London producer SBTRKT. Tabi had received some help in making this remix from DJ Smiles Davis. You might remember her, she was the DJ that hosted Tabi's Postcard From Abroad. Download and Support!

Wild fire (Smiles Davis Edit) by SupremeBAPE

Download: Tabi Bonney x Wildfire

Monday, May 9, 2011

D-Win x Homage [Teaser Vid]

Here's a release from an artist reppin' Chi-town named D-Win, titled Homage. This song will off his upcoming EP "My Ode To Debonair!" Which is set to release later this month. Below is the teaser video for his single Homage. This video is directed By Brian Keller, the full version will be released on May 19th. Be on the the lookout for D-Win!

D-Win feat. Don P - Homage (Teaser) from D-Win on Vimeo.

Download: D-Win x Homage

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Sean x I Do It [Prod. by. No ID & The Legendary Traxter]

Here's a new release from Big Sean, titled "I Do It!" This track is produced by NO I.D. and The Legendary Traxter. This is his second single off his upcoming album Finally Famous: The Album!

Big Sean x I Do It [Prod. by NO I.D. & The Legendary Traxter]

Rari x Mary Jane

Here's a new release from Rari titled "Mary Jane!" This song will be off his upcoming EP "D.A.M (Disguised As Myself)." This song is the fourth song leaked of his EP. Be on the lookout,  "D.A.M" coming soon!

Download: Rari x Mary Jane

B [dot] Jay x MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES Trailer

Here's the trailer for B [Dot] Jay's MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES! If you haven't get it HERE! Sleeping In The Clouds coming soon!