Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rari Ft. Lil Chuckee x House Party

Here's a release from Rari titled House Party which features Lil Chuckee of Young Money, produced by B [Dot] Jay DOWNLOAD & SUPPORT!

Rari Ft. Lil Chuckee- House Party

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fat Trel x April Foolz Mixtape

Today at 3:30 DMV native Fat Trel release his highly anticipated mixtape "April Foolz." This mixtape is CRAZYYY! DOWNLOAD and SUPPORT!

Fat Trel x April Foolz

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fat Trel x Tip A Bitch!

Fat Trel release a new song today produced by Lex Lugar off his upcoming mixtape "April "Foolz," which is dropping Tomorrow! This song is CRAZY! DOWNLOAD!

Fat Trel x Tip A Bitch

Fat Trel- Let it Go April Foolz Promo from Jay Gregory (CKFFilms) on Vimeo.

Micah Money x The New Scene

This is the first single of Micah Money's "Spring: The Bloom" album, produced by Dante Lewis.  DOWNLOAD and ENJOY!!!!!

Micah Money x The New Scene [Prod. By Dante Lewis]

Domo Genisis x Hodgy Beats- TangGolf

ODDFUTUREWOLFGANGKILLTHEMALL Representatives Domo Genisis x Hodgy Beats dropped their version to Wu-Tangs "Liquid Swords" titled Tang Golf! DOWNLOAD!!!

Domo Genisis x Hodgy Beats- TangGolf

Black Cobain x Black & Yellow [VCU Edition]

DMV artist Black Cobain dropped a new song, for VCU Mens Basketball team. This track is DOPE! DOWNLOAD and SUPPORT BROAD OF ADMINISTRATION!!! 

Moe Kamara x The Rapture x All Alone

Heres a couple of the latest singles from R&B singer Moe Kamara, who has been holdin’ it down in the DMV off his “Kamara Land” Album. Which is already out, with songs produced by D. Haskins and HB Management. SUPPORT & DOWNLOAD!

Moe Kamara x The Rapture [Prod. D. Haskins]
Moe Kamara x All Alone [Prod. HB Management]

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skyro x Butta- SkyKatz

New release from from Skyro x Butta named SkyKatz off their mixtape H Stands For Hooligansz, which is coming soon! They are apart of group named The Hooliganz w/ Jequese. Be on the look out for these guys! DOWNLOAD SkyKatz!

Skyro x Butta- SkyKatz

DougieF x Winning(Charlie Sheen)

This is the new release from a Jersey native named DougieF called Winning(Charlie Sheen), which is produced by Lurks Mcfly. This track is DOPE! Support & DOWNLOAD!

DougieF x Winning(Charlie Sheen)

Shaolin Park x Kung Fu Hustle x Armed Robbery

Here’s the latest from a group named Shaolin Park has been holdin’ it down for the 757 (Norfolk, VA).  There back with their sophomore mixtape Kung-Fu Hustle. If you don’t already have they’re first mixtape Adult Swim, Download it here.

1. Intro to DragonFly
2. Huge Boss
3. DayDream
4. Sax and Bells
5. The Flu
6. Playas
7. Mr. Come and Watch
8. Be Water Interlude
9. Paranormal Activity (Get Loud)
10. The MAC
11. R And B Part 2
12. Cheese and Wine
13. Delivery Service
14. Armed Robbery
15. Mr. Lee Outro
Shaolin Park x Adult Swim Mixtape

Visuals for SHAOLIN PARK Armed Robbery Done by Terrell Jeffries X Marque Robinson

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

B [dot] Jay- FallingStarz

Here’s a new release from B [dot] Jay  with “Falling Stars” which will serve as his fourth song leaked before the mixtape Midnight Munchies, which is set to drop on 4. 6. 11. If you do not already have “Party x Bullshit,” “Way Of The Samurai,” and/or “Bushido Brown.” DOWNLOAD them now!

B [dot] Jay- Falling Starz
B [dot] Jay- PartyxBullshit
B [dot] Jay- Way Of The Samurai
B [dot] Jay- BushidoBrown Ft. KaiU