Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shaolin Park x Kung Fu Hustle x Armed Robbery

Here’s the latest from a group named Shaolin Park has been holdin’ it down for the 757 (Norfolk, VA).  There back with their sophomore mixtape Kung-Fu Hustle. If you don’t already have they’re first mixtape Adult Swim, Download it here.

1. Intro to DragonFly
2. Huge Boss
3. DayDream
4. Sax and Bells
5. The Flu
6. Playas
7. Mr. Come and Watch
8. Be Water Interlude
9. Paranormal Activity (Get Loud)
10. The MAC
11. R And B Part 2
12. Cheese and Wine
13. Delivery Service
14. Armed Robbery
15. Mr. Lee Outro
Shaolin Park x Adult Swim Mixtape

Visuals for SHAOLIN PARK Armed Robbery Done by Terrell Jeffries X Marque Robinson

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