Friday, October 14, 2011

[Video] Method Man Performing "M.E.T.H.O.D. MAN" At The Smokers Club Tour!

Here's some footage that was taken a couple days ago of Method Man kicking off The Smokers Club Tour in Connecticut by performing his single "M.E.T.H.O.D MAN!" Watch & Enjoy!

[Video] Bang - "Phoenix: Making The Album" (Pt. 1)

Here's a behind the scenes look for BANG's new project titled "Pheonix!" In this video, he goes over the concept of his new project, why he named it phoenix, and how he would like his intro to be for his new project. Production for his intro is coming from dmv native Farron Micheaux! Be on the lookout for a new track that will be dropping of his album titled "Sky Diaries," Ft. the hommie TMAR & Dino dropping later on tonight. Watch & Enjoy!

[Video] Kendrick Lamar - "Rigamortis"

Here's the visuals for Kendrick Lamar's single "Rigamortis," Presented by BlowHipHopTV Kendrick teamed up with the directors Thc ICU at various locations throughout New York City to shoot this highly anticipated video off of his latest album "Section 80."

"When rigor mortis occurs within a corpse, its muscles tighten, causing the body to become stiff and very difficult to move. The chemical reaction makes all blood gravitate to the areas of the body that are closest to the ground, leaving colorful spots as an indication of life that once existed. As the soul escapes, toxins remain causing the corpse to rot and decompose. This is the fate that Kendrick Lamar has deemed onto the competition, more commonly known as your favorite rapper. Amen!"
Chuck Chillery (BlowHipHopTV)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

[Album] B [.] Jay - "Sleeping In The Clouds"

The wait is finally over, here's the highly anticipated album presented by WRDO & DWND from the hommie B [.] Jay tittled "Sleeping In The Clouds!" As he celebrates his birthday, he's giving a gift to the fans by releasing his debut album for free. With tracks like "Starship (Dreamers)," "KnwNTHGprty," Feat. Chase Dolla$ & "Outtie," make this album a sure download. All production for the album was done by B [.] himself. We've been bumpin' this album all day, make sure give the perfect present to the hommie by download his album!

 Download "Sleeping In The Clouds"  HERE

[Audio] B [dot] Jay - "Starship (Dreamers)"

Here's a new release ReignSupreme's own B [.] Jay titled "Starship!" This track is for anyone whose out there pursuing their dream and for everyone whose out there proving all their doubters wrong. This track is off his upcoming album "Sleeping In The Clouds," which is set to release later on tonight! Production for this song was done by B [.] himself! Don't' sleep on this track, it's a sure download. You won't be disappointed! Download & Enjoy!
B [.] Jay - Starship [dreamers] by ShxtDeyFeen4BlueMagic