Friday, October 14, 2011

[Video] Kendrick Lamar - "Rigamortis"

Here's the visuals for Kendrick Lamar's single "Rigamortis," Presented by BlowHipHopTV Kendrick teamed up with the directors Thc ICU at various locations throughout New York City to shoot this highly anticipated video off of his latest album "Section 80."

"When rigor mortis occurs within a corpse, its muscles tighten, causing the body to become stiff and very difficult to move. The chemical reaction makes all blood gravitate to the areas of the body that are closest to the ground, leaving colorful spots as an indication of life that once existed. As the soul escapes, toxins remain causing the corpse to rot and decompose. This is the fate that Kendrick Lamar has deemed onto the competition, more commonly known as your favorite rapper. Amen!"
Chuck Chillery (BlowHipHopTV)

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