Friday, August 5, 2011

[Audio] Era Hardaway - "Crackk"

"No snapbacks, cause snapbacks wack, only rock the rare ones or them 5 panel hats, got my heart in this music, thats why i keep droppin' tracks, yeah my flows soo chill, but i can never relax, I just gotta stay workin' put the burg on my back, put tha team on top, put DMV on tha map, it ain't about where u from, its about where u at, she said Era u dope, i said nahh im crackk!"

Here's the 3rd installment of #HardawayThursdays from DMV native Era also known as Era Hardaway. The track is titled "Crackk" where he spits of Meek Mills Ft. Rick Ross' "Tupac's Back" Don't sleep on this track, Download & Enjoy!

Crackk . by ShxtDeyFeen4BlueMagic

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