Monday, February 6, 2012

[Video] A$AP ROCKY & the A$AP Mob - MONTREALITY Interview

Here's a interview that the A$AP Mob had with Montreality, where they speak about their story, school, how the spent their first paycheck, upcoming project, touring, keys to success and more. Watch and Enjoy!

In this Interview with Montreality, A$AP Rocky & the A$AP Mob speak about:
- Their story (0:21) 
- The type of students they were at school (0:44) 
- Jobs they had as teenagers (0:59) 
- What they spent their 1st big paychecks on (1:09) 
- The key to success (1:35) 
- The A$AP Mob compilation album & A$AP Rocky’s debut album (2:14) 
- Going on the Club Paradise tour with Drake & Kendrick Lamar (2:35) 
- What they would call their book if they were to write one (2:50) 
- Memorable tour stories (3:19) 
- Artists they would like to work with (3:59)
- Their tattoos (4:39)
- Rumours of A$AP Rocky being in Nas’ Nasty video (4:54) 
- What they have in their pockets (5:28)

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