Thursday, February 28, 2013

[Audio/Videos] Kali Uchis

That right there is Karly Loaiza much better known as Kali Uchis , a 19 year old Virginia native from Colombia, South America. She doesn't fall under an certain genre and has an intriguing style all of her own. Her sound to me is a sophisticated mix of Erykah Badou and Lily Allen but that's my own opinion. The above video was her first visual, and I've literally watched and listened to it about 10 times already. Uchis recently dropped another visual titled "Table For Two" off of her debut mixtape Drunken Babble.
Lastly I give you her first mixtape Drunken Babble.....

Keep in mind she has  never produced or recorded anything before this, she says, "I hope someone can still take something from it regardless." You can find her on twitter @KALIUCHIS or Give it a listen, download, and enjoy!

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